Pot bills are unclear

Guidelines for use create more confusion A state bill designed to clarify medical marijuana guidelines has only perpetuated confusion in Humboldt County as community leaders try to reach a legislative compromise for compliance with the bill. Proposition 420, signed by Governor Gray Davis in October, took effect this January and implemented limits of 8 ounces […]

DEA Uses RAVE Act to Stop a Benefit to Raise Money for Marijuana Reform

Fax the DEA and Tell Acting Administrator William Simpkins to Stop Using the RAVE Act Against Political Events http://actioncenter.drugpolicy.org/action/index.asp?step=2&item;=10509&ms;=norml Billings, Montana June 10- Only two months after the RAVE Act was passed by Congress it has been used by the federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to intimidate the owners of a Billings, Montana, venue into […]

Medical Marijuana Issue Languishes in Congress

Congress has declined to address the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes even as medical-marijuana initiatives are popping up as local and state ballot initiatives, the Connecticut Post reported Aug. 22. To date, no votes have been held or considered to legalize medical marijuana in the U.S. House of Representatives or U.S. Senate. Steve Fox, […]

No Proof Cannabis Use Induces Schizophrenia-Study

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – There is no scientific proof that cannabis use induces schizophrenia, Dutch scientists say, questioning recent research and an argument the Dutch government uses to crack down on marijuana-selling “coffee shops.” In an article in this week’s Magazine for Psychiatry, a peer-reviewed journal, the three authors say that on the basis of currently […]

Colo. Medical Marijuana Patient Gets Equipment Back

The U.S. attorney in Colorado has agreed to return marijuana-growing equipment to an Aurora man who uses the drug to relieve his chronic pain, the Rocky Mountain News reported Aug. 27. However, although the federal government agreed not to prosecute Dana May, federal authorities will keep the marijuana seized by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) […]

Advocates cite Calif. pot-use study

By ALLISON FARRELL – IR State Bureau – 08/22/04 HELENA — A new California study showing that teen use of marijuana has dropped since a medical marijuana law was adopted there in 1996 proves that the permissive laws don’t foster youth pot use, Montana marijuana advocates said Friday. The new study, released this week by […]

Bush backs states’ rights on marijuana

The Dallas Morning News – October 20, 1999 Bush backs states’ rights on marijuana He opposes medical use but favors local control By Susan Feeney WASHINGTON – Gov. George Bush said he backs a state’s right to decide whether to allow medical use of marijuana, a position that puts him sharply at odds with Republicans […]

Northern California Medicinal Cannabis Farmer Raided By DEA

News release For Immediate Release: September 1st 2004 On Wednesday, August 18, 2004, Special Agents of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), with the assistance of the Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement, the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, and the Wolf Team of the California National Guard, conducted a historical 130 million dollar raid, according to DEA formula, […]

Supreme Court Medical Marijuana Case

Over the past few years, there were several raids on California medical marijuana clubs and individual growers. Motivated by fear that their medical marijuana supply might dry up, two ill people sued Attorney General John Ashcroft and won injunctions which barred the Justice Department from prosecuting them on their suppliers. The Supreme Court has agreet […]

Hashish Is Medical Marijuana, Attorney General Says

By Kenneth Ofgang, Staff Writer Concentrated cannabis, or hashish, is included within the meaning of “marijuana” and may be used for medical purposes under Proposition 215, Attorney General Bill Lockyer said. In and opinion made public yesterday, Lockyer told Mendocino County Sheriff-Coroner Anthony J. Craver that voters must have intended to include all forms of […]

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