Everything And Nothing At All (By: Craig Lemire)

There is a definite energy or presence to everything that I am feeling and seeing and doing right now. Not just me, it’s you and it’s them and it’s everyone, everywhere, with or without their participation. It’s what makes us do what we do, and say what we say, and choose the path we choose, and fight, and lay down, and eat, and sleep, and cry, and smile, and everything else in between and across the way and right under our noses.

It is the pressure in my chest when I try to explain, the pain in my soul when I cry, the freedom I feel on the road, the love I hold so close to me, the fear that makes me scared to try, the courage that gets me up and moving, the honesty that guides me, the correct decisions and the mistakes I’ve made. It is everything that drives me and all that holds me back. It is everything inside of me, all the way to the core of me, right down to the bones in me, so ingrained in me that I could never be anything else.

Just me and you and all that live and breathe and contribute to the energy that life puts off. We are all connected and intertwined and dependent on the other. Any interference with this energy affects us all. Everything you put out is an important part of it.

Taken in and absorbed and redirected onto someone else in the connection, affecting them in their decisions and the contribution they make which is passed onto someone else and so on and so on until the circle is complete and you have received what you put out. It continues on and on until you are long gone and the new generation is in control and all that you knew and lived has dissolved into nothing far too long ago. But the energy you put out will still be around involved in the world you left behind, a constant part of all that is and was and will ever be. This is the legacy you leave behind.

This is what will be remembered of you by those who will never hear your voice, speak your name, know of your accomplishments, or see your face. This is what you leave behind when you go. When you return to the very source from which you came.

This is the truth of who you are. What you can not hide from. This is the honest interpretation of your very inner being. Embrace it and accept it as though it were your child. Do not fear it and hide it away for you will miss the reality of why you exist. There is no one who can save you from yourself, you must embrace your true nature and stop believing in the mask you wear. We all start out in this surrounded by darkness, with only the image of light in our minds.

Concentrate on that image of light. Little by little it will grow. Until you are able to see that the light has always been there, you were just blinded by your fears.

One thought on “Everything And Nothing At All (By: Craig Lemire)

  1. Wow.
    Very hard to find words to describe how these words made me feel.
    Thank you.
    Thank you for all of your hard work and your efforts will live on through us!!! The next generation who will be utilizing all the efforts you guys spent your being on completing in this life time. Thank you, thank you for their efforts and know they are not in vein.
    Much love,
    Brianna and Ryan

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