Update On Eddy, Linda, And The Ministry

There has been a lot going on that we feel needs to be addressed. Court on Monday January 30th went very well. Omar Figueroa and Sheri Greenberger have removed themselves from the case. Tony Serra will remain as head council for Eddy but he will be serving a 10 month sentence for tax violations starting in March. Judge Patel has allowed the case to be postponed until Tony is out of prison so he will be able to stay on as head council. There will be a status meeting on June 31st 2006 to determine when Tony will be getting out of prison and when they can set a date for the trial to begin.

There are other reasons that the trail has been postponed. They are waiting for the UDV decision to come back from the Supreme Court. This should happen sometime in the next four months and could dismiss all charges as a result. The main reason for postponing the case is because of the emotional distress that Eddy is going through right now and his inability to properly defend himself because of it. Linda, Eddy’s wife and reason for him starting this fight, is suffering from terminal lung cancer. It is in its fourth stage and she has started chemotherapy, which if it works could buy her some time, but this is a fight that very well may take her from us far to early for any of us.

She is a warrior like no other and if there is a chance at survival we all have faith that she can beat this. She is a strong, beautiful, amazing soul who has filled our world with a light and an energy that could never be replaced, one that can not be extinguished even if this is what takes her from us. All our energy is going into healing her. She is our number one focus right now. With the love and support from her family, friends, and all the patients and members of the ministry we know she can defeat these odds that are weighing against her. We love her very much she is the center of everything we have and are trying to do here. Please send all thoughts and prayers that you can to her she truly needs all of our love to survive this.

We hope this explains all that has been going on for us and why things have not been updated so regularly lately. We apologize for any inconvenience that it may have caused. In the future we will try to keep everyone more informed. Our love and best wishes are with all of you. Thank you for all of the support and love you all have given us.

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