Rev Eddy Lepp’s Next Court Date

Rev. Charles Eddy Lepp and co-defendant Daniel Barnes will be back in court on September 16th 2005. We urge all who can attend to come and show their support. They will be in front of Judge Patel at 10am at the Federal Court building in San Francisco.

This will be a very important court date. Rev. Lepp’s Lawyers will address many motions dealing with his pre-trial release conditions mainly pertaining to the dismissal of all charges due to the invalid warrant used for the initial raid and arrest of Rev Lepp. They will also address the use of his sacrament and medicinal use of marijuana, along with his travel conditions. They will also be addressing the return of property seized during all the raids done on Eddy’s Medicinal Gardens and Multi-Denominational Ministry of Cannabis and Rastafari.

In addition Mr. Barnes’ Court Appointed Attorney will be addressing his right to use his medicine during pre-trial release.

Check back for updates on this case.

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