2005 California Music That Matters Festival

California Music that Matters opened its 2005 music festival Friday June 3, with the first sounds of what became three days of music started at about 1:00 pm. Among the festivities we found Eddy Lepp and Jack Herer.

This year’s on the water setting was the wonderful Feather River Pavilion inside River Front Park in Marysville, CA. The park runs along the Feather River, on the East side upstream from its fork with the Yuba River. Camping in tents was the preferred thing to do, nice grass in the cool shade of big leafy green trees made it comfortable throughout the day. The village was in full beam with wonderful food, enlightening information, and products that are fun and useful. Being a gathering place it was heavily trafficked and was the connecting element between the camping and the music by lining the rim of the amphitheater. The large stage has the river behind it and for this event was draped in elegant tie-dye panels done by Ben Jahmmin. Camping in your RV is out on the peninsula with lots of shade and a constant breeze, although the turf is a little rougher.

Back stage the Loving hospitality that flowed through April’s kitchen by the large team of feeders was a nourishing experience for many musicians and volunteers. A calm and effective production team was the guide that allowed this event to be accomplished so smoothly with an all-volunteer crew. The music fixed on us permanent smiles and had us swaying, swinging, dancing, hoping up and down, and…

Wandering through the Village we came upon Eddy Lepp, most likely California’s highest profile grower of medicinal marijuana. He was passionately engaged with a group in a discussion on his recent work behind bars. Whereby using the teachings of developing a connection with God by finding peace from within, he was able to help inmates who were about to gain freedom improve their chances of remaining free. From Eddy we have a wonderful example of how to be, shining in every moment, regardless of where we might be.

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