10 Day Sprint To Save The Courts

Brought to you by our friends at MoveOn.

In the next 10 days the Republican leadership is planning to pull the trigger on their scheme to break the rules of the Senate, seize absolute power over judicial appointments, and stack the courts with extreme judges. Overnight, some of our most treasured rights, like the 40-hour work week, basic environmental protections, and the right to privacy, would be in danger. We must act now.

We can win this fight if we sound an unwavering note of protest on a national scale in the next two weeks, emboldening the Democrats to fight in Congress and ensuring that moderate Republicans know the American people are counting on them to hold the line.

We’re kicking off the 10 day sprint with a drive towards 10,000 letters sent to the editors of at least 1,500 different newspapers nationwide. These letters are extremely powerful tools to shape the national debate and apply direct pressure on the Senate. Two weeks ago MoveOn members published thousands of letters in papers in all 50 states. Soon afterwards, three Republican senators came out against the nuclear option, including John McCain. If we get three more, we’ll win.

It just takes a few minutes to write and send a letter online, please write one today

go to this link to do this now.

For the next 10 days stopping the “nuclear option” will require all hands on deck.

After this letters-to-the-editor campaign, we’ll send out signs you can put in your windows and give to your neighbors, then organize door-to-door canvasses in major cities to hand out more window signs and flyers. We’ll run hard-hitting ads on television, in print, and on the radio. We’ll flood target senators with constant phone calls and all manner of grassroots pressure. And we’ll culminate next week with a day of coordinated national rallies in cities all over the country.

Our big push begins today on our local editorial pages. The most powerful weapon we have against this assault is the power of our voices. Please take a few minutes to write your local paper about why extremist Republicans must not be allowed to break the rules and roll back decades of progress protecting poor and middle class families by forcing through judges like Janice Rodgers Brown.

If we hit our goal of 10,000 letters in 1,500 papers it will have a broader reach than millions of dollars of advertising, and will have far more impact because it all comes from you. Please take a few minutes to write and send a quick letter, just a couple paragraphs.

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