Update On Eddy’s Case

Eddy had court on Tuesday March 22nd at 10am in front of Judge Patel At the Federal Court building in San Francisco. At this time counselors Dennis Roberts, Bill Mcpike and David Fermino requested and were granted approval to be removed from the case as Eddy’s representation. Shari Greenberger was present on behalf of Tony Serra, Omar Figueroa and herself to officially take over Eddy’s case. They requested to move the issue of bail until a later date in order to give them more time to prepare the necessary paper work to insure Eddy’s release. Eddy needs bail to be put up in the form of property worth a combined total of 500,000 dollars in equity. This can be done by one person with one property or a few people with a few properties. Once we are able to secure a promise for the equity for Eddy’s bail they will release Eddy. Shari Greenberger further requested that in the mean time Eddy be moved to a Federal Facility or to another county facility that would be better equipped to handle Eddy’s medical conditions. We hope to have an answer on that soon.

Daniel Barnes and his attorney Harris Taback were present as well. Daniel is co-defendant in Eddy’s case and is facing 40 years to life. Harris Taback put in a motion to have a status conference on May 31st for the case against Eddy and Daniel. He further requested that Daniel be released from having to attend any of the court dates until then that will be related to Eddy and his bail. He also brought up the issue of Daniel’s recommendation and his right to use his medicine through the duration of this trial. We hope to have the answer to that issue soon.

We at Eddy’s Medicinal Gardens would like to take this opportunity to thank Judge Patel for her integrity, and her principled uncorrupted statement about state rights. Thank You for your honesty. You are a truly just and respectful member of the judicial system.

We would also like to thank Joe Rogan from Fear Factor for donating the full Ten Thousand dollars we needed to pay for the research costs for the case, insuring that Tony Serra’s office would take the case. Please show Joe your support by checking out his website at www.joerogan.net

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