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If you would like to send a letter of support about how you feel about what Eddy has done to help you or others, send letter to Linda Senti at 9176 Upper Lake Lucerne Road Upper Lake Ca. 95485. This maybe used in court to help prove Eddy’s credibility as a minister and as a caregiver.

Also we need affidavits from anyone who has visited The Ministry. An affidavit is a little different from a letter of support. The affidavit must be real accounts of what you witnessed in how Eddy and the Ministry has helped people and run their business and must be signed at the bottom by you.

Anyone who writes an affidavit maybe questioned in court for Eddy’s trial about their affidavit. If you would like to send us one, again send it to Linda Senti at the above address. Or you can email the affidavit or the letter of support to us at eddy@mdmj.info Thank you to all who support and love Eddy and the Ministry. Our appreciation can never be expressed enough.

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