Introducing Mr. Eddy Lepp

A brief introduction to me, Eddy Lepp. I was born May 1952. My early experiences from birth till I enlisted in the army at 18 taught me everything there is to know about dysfuctional families.

In 1972, after just a short time in the Army, I found myself in the middle of the Vietnam War.

After returning home from the war till around 1986 I applied lessons leaned from my dysfunctional youth and the Vietnam War, thus abusing everyone and everything I came in contact with.
(For which I am truly very sorry!)

From 1986-88 i attempted to get sober and face reality. Somewhere between 1988-89 I suceeded, found myself, and remembered who i actually was.

Since this amazing turn around in my life I have dedicated myself to being the best man I can. I feel it is also very important to spread the truth about Medical Marijuana. Along the way I became the first person arrested, tried and acquitted under California Medical Marijuana Law (prop 215).

I am currently going to court with both the State and Federal governments over my involvement in the Medical Marijuana Movement. Check back in, I will keep updating on my progress.

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