Does Zinc Helps To Pass Drug Test

The jury is still out as to whether or not zinc is something that can help you beat a drug test. The truth is it will not help you beat your drug test; however, if you add it directly to your urine, it might help.

People have been playing around with the idea of using zinc to beat a drug test over the last decade, but research on the internet has shown that stoners are still debating as to how effective this product is.



Studies have been conducted between 2010 to as late as 2014 to try and answer this question once and for all. These studies have concluded that you can use zinc to pass your drug test if you use it as an adulterant. What this means is it has to be added to your urine to work

There isn’t any strong evidence that using zinc supplement can help you pass your drug test. However, you should always take the time to test yourself using test strips to have an idea whether you will pass or not.

In What Way Does Zinc Interfere With Lab Tests

According to various claims, Zinc can attach itself to THC metabolites that are found in your body and stop them from doing directly into your urine. This is not true because Zinc and THC are two things that have nothing in common. Even if they did have things in common, nothing would stop them being filtered by the kidney.

The weight of zinc only makes up a fraction of the weight of THC meaning that it can easily find its way into your urine. The reality of the situation is zinc itself as a substance foes interfere with your drug test when you take it.

Most drug tester will run two tests on people, and the first one is the cheap and quick test. This uses an immunoassay method, and if you fail it, a confirmatory test will be done on you. This sort of test, also known as the GC-MS test is more specific and chances are will not result in a false positive result.

What Zinc does is it interferes with the immunoassay though it is known to not interfere with the confirmatory GC-MS test but, if you happen to pass the immunoassay, the lab testers will not do the confirmatory test you because it will not make much difference.

Immunoassay tests heavily depend on a particular enzyme that is known to produce a colored product. If you have more THC metabolites in you, the fewer colors produced. You can easily find this out on your own by buying drug testing strips. If you see a colored line, it means that your urine is negative and no line means positive.

Zinc does in a way interfere with this reaction which does lead to higher visibility of color. It is hard to understand the exact mechanism however zinc doesn’t change your urine pH.

This is because when tests are done for drugs, the same basic type immunoassay is used across the board and zinc will interfere with every one of them. Zinc has shown over the years that it can interfere with tests for drugs such as PCP, Cocaine, Benzodiazepines, alcohol, methamphetamine, and barbiturates.

What Is The Quantity Of Zinc You Need To Add In Your Urine?

This is a very important question, how much Zinc should be added to your urine to guarantee you beat the test? The answer to that is very simple, and all you need is between 1 and 50mg/mL of Zinc sulfate.

Three studies were conducted, and they all offered different answers as to how much a person needs to see interference, but it heavily depends on the number of metabolites that you have in your urine.

If you have a very high level of THC metabolites, it is only natural that you will need more zinc to see any massive interfere. Normally 15mg/mL is the perfect amount you need but how much exactly is this zinc?

When you are asked for a urine test, 30mL is what you will have to give to the tester meaning that you will need to add around 450mg of zinc to your urine. This is the same as dissolving between 2 and five zinc pills, however; it depends on the dose of the pills as they do differ.

Are Zinc Supplements Something I Can Take?

While you can dilute your urine by simply add zinc in it, this is not as easy as it sounds. To get the best results, you will need to take the supplements right before the drug test is administered and take the zinc out your system by urinating.

Will this be effective? After you take the supplements, the urine in your system will have a very high level of zinc. If you 400mg of zinc gluconate will double the amount of zinc level in your urine massively, but, a typical urine concentration once zinc supplement was taken was still around 50ug/dL.

This method is not helpful by any means because the concentration levels are so low to what was required to cause assay interference. Why do people keep on talking about this? The publication that was out in 2011 has a small important study that produced this conclusion.

“These results argue that the consumption of zinc supplements taken orally after light marijuana use can interfere with the detection of THC in urine samples for a 12–18-h period.”

Is There A Chance Zinc Can Be Spotted In Your Urine?

The answer to this question is yes, and a study that was done in 2013 illustrated that when zinc levels are very high, they can be spotted in your urine via a test, but labs do test for zinc as part of their routine.

Final thoughts

Overall zinc supplements do divide opinion as to whether or not it can help you pass a drug test because the zinc levels in your urine will be nowhere close to interfering with your test. This, of course, can be tried out by simply buying zinc supplements on the internet.

The best way zinc can help pass your drug test is if you added it directly to your urine, however, this is a very risky move, and you might get caught.

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