Does Working Out Help To Pass Drug Test?

When you have drugs in your urine, chances are they can be discovered through a drug test. However, there are some ways out there people have discovered to flush them out of their system.

Although many of the methods do not guarantee success, exercising is also one method that has been thrown around which many people believe can help you with a drug test. Exercising on a regular basis brings a few benefits like making you stronger and giving the body the energy it needs to do things.

Does Exercising On A Regular Basis Have More Benefits?

Apart from the point mentioned above, exercising does help the body fight off illnesses as well as flush out toxins that the body does not need. Even though weed is a natural herb, it is a drug that is illegal in many cities and countries unless it is for medical purposes.

There are many agencies, departments and even employers who will randomly drug test their employees and one of the major drugs they look for is cannabis. If you happen to smoke weed and there is a rest around the corner, chances of you flushing all the THC out of your system are not guaranteed.

The market is full of detox drinks and countless other remedies that help get rid of THC metabolites like drinking plenty of water or juices and exercising a lot. While these help to some degree, there are a large variety of things that can determine the length THC stays in your system without being discovered.

How Does Cannabis Affect Your Body And What Exactly Is It As Plant?

It is worth understanding exactly what cannabis and to put it in simple terms, it is a plant that has well over 400 chemical in it. The most popular chemical that is found in cannabis plants is THC.

This is the component that makes people “high.” Since each person is different from the other, the way THC affects does differ. No two people will have the same effects when they take cannabis because of things like body mass, mental state, and even genes.

There are certain people out there who can smoke cannabis and be able to function okay without any problems while others can become lethargic. To date, there are no reports to suggest that marijuana does cause erratic or irrational behavior that is a danger to not just the person but those around them.

Since it is a very unpredictable plant when smoked, it is not safe to take if you are behind the wheel or operating any sort of machine. This can cause injury or even death, and this is why many employers in many workplaces conduct random drug tests on their employees especially in countries like the United States of America.

Where Does The Body Store Marijuana?

Whenever a person smokes some marijuana, the THC components in it get stored in the fat that is found in the body before it makes its way into the bloodstream. The body takes around 3 hours to break down any THC from the moment it enters.

As soon as the THC is broken down, it is immediately stored by your body as fat-soluble metabolites which take around 30 days to get out of the body through urine.

As urine is the only known way that THC metabolites leave the body, drinking a lot of liquids including water can help eliminate them quicker and giving you more of a chance to pass your drug test.

Detox drinks can be found in local stores that can help you clean your urine although this is not full proof. It is almost a 50-50 thing; the THC might and might not show after drinking the detox drink. However, you can constantly check the levels of THC in your system by buying test strips.

Does Working Out Help To Pass A Drug Test?

When you exercise a lot, you will burn plenty of fat, and since THC attaches itself to fat cells in the body, this is a very helpful way to get rid of its traces in your body. If you have a drug test that is coming, exercising a few hours per day will give you a fighting chance of passing the test.

To help you burn fat and sweat more, you can wear extra layers of clothes when you are exercising. Make sure you also drink plenty of liquids to ensure you are well hydrated and to flush some of the THC the body has been released out of your system.

You have to drink as much as 8 to 12 glasses of water each day, however, be careful to not suffer from water intoxication. This happens when your electrolyte and salt levels drop too low. Many sports drinks have electrolytes and salt in them which can help you keep your body safely hydrated.

A very important thing worth noting is that a couple of days before your screening test, you need to stop exercising. The reason for this is the THC that is in your body stored as fat, will not be spotted through the test. It is only the THC that is in your bloodstream will show up positive.

If you decide that exercising is the method you will use to pass your test, then you need to change the way you eat by cutting down on fatty foods and sugars. This lets your body focus on burning the fat inside it instead of focusing on your ones.

Overall there is no quick fire way to get rid of THC in your system before you take a drug test but exercising and drinking a lot of liquids give you a chance to pass.

Final Thoughts

Based on everything that has been said in this article, it is safe to say that exercising alone will not influence whether you pass your test or not. You stand a chance if you drink plenty of water on top of exercising.

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