Does Efferdent Clean Your System From Weed?

Ever since screening tests have been introduced, people have been on the lookout for multiple ways they can cheat their way through them. People have become so desperate to pass their drug test these days that they even resort to using regular household items.

There are a few quality products on the market that can help you beat your drug test like detox pills, detox pills and fake urine. However, this article will highlight whether or not Efferdent can clean your system from weed.

What Is Efferdent?

Efferdent denture cleanser is a product that can be bought online, and many people use to clean their dentures, retainers, partial and many other dental appliances. Efferdent is known to have very a strong effervescent cleaning action which leaves dentures shining.

It is very powerful enough to get rid of even the toughest of stains on your dentures and in between the teeth. Overall if you are looking for a product that will help you take the fight to plaque build as well as kill 99.9% of bacteria in your mouth, look no further than Efferdent.

How Is Efferdent Used Exactly?

  1. The first step is to drop a tablet of Efferdent in warm water to completely cover your denture.
  2. The second step is to place your denture into the effervescing solution which when cleaning will change color
  3. When 5 minutes elapses, take out your denture and rinse it thoroughly. This will make your denture odor free and clean.
  4. Finally, brush your denture to give it some sparkle with Efferdent anti-bacterial denture cleanser solution and rinse it once again.

When you are finished, immediately get rid of the solution. Do not rinse it in your mouth or gargle it.

Why Do People Look At Products Like Efferdent To Try And Pass A Weed Test?

There are a few reasons that have contributed the spike in using regular household items like Efferdent to beat drug tests. These reasons are the rise of random drug tests at workplaces and a bit of desperation from drug users. Blood and urine samples can be used in court especially in the United States of America to find someone guilty of using banned or illegal substances like marijuana.

Many workplaces these days screen their employees especially if they are being offered a role that requires their concentration full time. Drugs in your system can sometimes make you less productive which can be harmful to employers.

The explosion of drug tests has given birth to internet forums where people share methods and ways to beat drug tests all the time. The question now is, is Efferdent the “holy grail” that will get you through your drug test? Let us look closely.

Does Drinking Efferdent With Water Help You Pass Your Drug Screening Test?

There are people out there who claim they have passed a drug test by ingesting a tablet of Efferdent and a lot of water 1 – 2 hours before their screening test. This is questionable and something that should not be attempted because of the chemical found in the product.

Efferdent is made out of sodium bicarbonate and acid that are very dangerous to the human body. Instead of turning your drug test negative, these ingredients found in it can cause the body to shut down and even damage some vital organs.

That is why taking rinsing and gargling this product is prohibited because it is not meant to be ingested. It is a cleaning product for dentures, not a product to flush drug out your system.

Does Adding Efferdent Directly To Your Urine Help You Pass Your Drug Screening Test?

As pointed above, drinking this product to beat a drug test is very dangerous to your health but what about adding it to your urine to dissolve your pee? If you add Efferdent to your urine sample, chances are you will be caught.

Labs these days have become a lot smarter and wiser to all the tricks people are trying to pull off these days to pass drug tests, and the moment your urine sample looks a bit off color, they will tell you to do the test again, or you will be in plenty of trouble.

If you are not in hot water and they tell you to do provide another urine sample, they will keep a close eye on you all the time to make sure you do not slip anything that will contaminate your sample again. This is a very risky move, and one that is not worth the trouble because there is no evident adding Efferdent does help you pass your drug test.

So How Can You Pass A Drug Test?

Now that the truth is known and Efferdent will not help you in any way pass your drug test, there are some ways that indeed do give you a fighting chance of beating a drug test. However, you will need to spend a bit of money.

  1. Buy some synthetic urine: This is fake urine that is produced in labs and sold on the internet. If you browse the online market, there are so many places you can buy synthetic urine, and it is certainly a lot safer than ingesting Efferdent or adding it to dissolve your pee.
  2. Buy some detox drinks: Detox drinks can also be found online, and they do help mask any drug activity in your pee for a few hours. This is exactly what you need to get you through the test, and all you have to do is take a drink a couple of days leading up to your test, and you are good to go.
  3. Ask a friend: This is perhaps the cheapest method to pass a drug test because it is free unless you have to bride your friend into giving you a sample of their urine by offering them some cash. This is very safe because you are not taking in anything to dilute your urine and the urine will tick all the tester’s boxes because it is not contaminated, however, make sure that your friend is drug-free otherwise you will be busted.

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