Can eye drops help you to pass drug test?

If you need to pass a drug test for cannabis use, there are certain ways to do that successfully, and one of them is using eye drops. Adding Visine to your urine can generate a false negative result that will save you in those situations when you need a clean result against all the odds. But this method doesn’t risk free so you need to pay attention to certain details. Here’s everything you need to know about this method and what are the most important aspects to keep in mind, in case you are tempted to apply it.


Scientific research

Adding Visine to your urine to get a false negative is not new. There are plenty of scientific researches that support this method, even if that doesn’t mean it is always recommended.

The book “A Health Educator’s Guide to Understanding Drugs of Abuse Testing” gives a lot of details to understand this topic. When It comes to the THC metabolite 11-nor-9-carboxy-A-tetrahydrocannabinol, these eye drops will most likely cause a false negative result. According to this particular book, eye drops have the best efficiency when it comes to the tests that follow the EMIT test standards. However, the same eye drops might not be so efficient when it comes to the FPIA test standards which means that you should think a lot before risking using them in such circumstances.

But the previous book is not the only scientific document that addresses this issue. There was another scientific study that took place in 1989, regarding the same topic. The study was named “Mechanism of false-negative urine cannabinoid immunoassay screens by Visine eyedrops.” During this study, the Visine eye drops were added to urine samples that tested positive for several drugs of abuse such as 9-carboxy-THC, oxazepam, secobarbital, morphine, benzoylecgonine, amphetamine, or phencyclidine. However, Visine generated a false negative only for EMIT test standards and for 9-carboxy-THC as well as TDx urine cannabinoid tests.

Also, the added drops of Visine is not identifiable by a regular urine test analysis.

Two ways to use Visine when you want to generate a false negative result on a urine test

  • Dilution- To be successful at this try, as you probably guessed already, you need to add a lot of drops. Because the idea is to dilute the urine sample and Visine as well as any other eye drops are high in salt. The fact that salt, as well as saline, is a common mineral found in all the fluids of your body, will work a lot in your favor. The ideal result will be that the THC levels will be dropped down below the minimum level, but there are cases in which this might not happen. One red flag that you need to consider is that this method will not just dilute the drug concentration but also the concentration of other minerals in your body, which might raise certain questions.
  • Get a false negative- Getting a false negative is an outcome you probably want. And this might or might not happen. Again, since eye drops contain a saline solution, the laboratory that will test your urine sample will detect the saline and other additives rather than the THC level. However, this method also produces a lot of errors so you do take certain risks.

Why we don’t recommend it

Unfortunately, adding Visine to a urine sample to get a false negative result at a drug abuse test, might not be an ideal solution, unless you are willing to risk more than you have to. Instead of using eye drops, you can safely apply the dilution method to modify the results of your urine test. The dilution method is based on consuming a lot of liquids before actually taking the test, and it is hard to argue its efficiency. As for the eye drops method, here’s why we don’t think it is one that you should safely rely on:

  • It is expected to be applied by employers. Some employers are keeping an eye for people who come to take the test with eye drops in their pockets. Certain employers might perform a check-up before you take the test just so they make sure that you don’t apply this method.
  • The possibility of failure is high. Even if using Visine could work, there are plenty of ways in which it could fail. You might dilute the urine sample too much and make it invalid, or you might add too little number of drops and generate an error which will make you redo the test. The confusion is that there’s no number of slides that you should add since it all depends on the concentrations found in the urine sample, to begin with.
  • And last but not least, Visine eye drops only alter the results based on EMIT testing standards. Nowadays, these are not the only testing standards that employers use, and you risk a lot by relying on that. While some employers might let you redo the test in case you request that, others might only give you one chance at it. And if you want the job, that is a big hazard.


As you can see, adding eye drops to a urine sample may or may not modify the results. In the luckiest cases, you will end up getting a false negative result. But in other cases, you might get an error or even a positive result if you didn’t add enough Visine to the sample. Because getting a new job or getting tested for drug abuse is always a serious matter, we recommend you think twice before settling for such a method. Sometimes, the simple way is the best way and in this case, diluting the urine sample by drinking a lot of liquids seems to be the safest bet to make!

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