Medical marijuana and pre-employment drug testing

Medical marijuana has been legalized in 33 states across the US. A similar trend is following across the globe with over 30 nations that have legalized medical marijuana, with Canada taking the lead of this cannabis progressivism. But a bummer to this development is the need for employees to take pre-employment drug test that screen […]

Unlikely allies back state on medical pot

3 Southern officials say the U.S. lacks the right to limit such private use. As final briefs were filed Wednesday in a critical medical marijuana test case, set for argument in the U.S. Supreme Court next month, California got some unlikely allies. A trio of Southern attorneys general submitted a brief saying that when states […]

How the D.E.A. identifies cannabis

This is on the DEA’s website. It’s an overview by the DEA of DNA Methods for the Identification and Individualization of Marjuana. ABSTRACT: The purpose of this review is to summarize the status of DNA-based methods for the identification and individualization of marijuana. In forensics, both identification of a substance as marijuana and the subsequent […]


STANFORD STUDY FINDS CELLS CREATE POT-LIKE CHEMICALS By Lisa M. Krieger Mercury News Mother Nature created a way to “tune in, turn on” long before pot-smokers rolled their first joint, Stanford scientists have found. Eavesdropping on the conversations between brain cells, the research team found that neurons make their own marijuana-like chemicals called cannabinoids, which […]

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